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I’m Rowan Mangan, also known as Ro. Originally from Australia, I now make my hybrid home in a forested mountainside in Pennsylvania and a high rise apartment in New York City. My two partners and I are co-parents to a wild and hilarious toddler named Lila.

I’m a lifelong writer and my Wild Inventures column is the online home for my writing. The column explores a way of living that comes from what’s truly inside us rather than what we’ve been told to do and what we’ve been told to want.

I’m all about creating a life that feels amazing… even if it looks weird. (Spoiler alert: it does look weird.) 

Every day I have to consciously return to what feels right, even if it looks wrong. So every day is a Wild Inventure.

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This column is for anyone walking alongside me in the quest for personal authenticity and truth. But it’s especially for those of you whose life feels like an item of clothing that doesn’t fit right. You can get around in it fine, but it pulls a little and there’s some discomfort. You have to go be alone a lot so you can take it off for a while. 

I felt that way for decades. Now, most of the time, I don’t. My life is like a well-worn pair of Birkenstocks: it looks a little strange, but it feels AMAZING. And it’s thanks to my commitment to inventuring.

(If you’re curious, I made an “Inventure Initiator” workbook to get you started on the process of living this way!)

Wild Inventures is not a self-help column. It’s not going to include exercises and visualizations or advice. What you’ll get is a record of someone honestly grappling with the desire to live on my own terms. 

The column is funny, because life is hard and because life is absurd. I’m a writer and a parent and a podcaster and a partner and a creative worker. All these things will make up the bricks and mortar of this online house. But the part that makes it a home is its spirit: the desire to keep on trying to bring as much LIFE to this life as I can muster. And to share that with you.

It might look weird. But it will feel—you guessed it—amazing.

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Life on its own terms: a weekly column about creativity, writing, and the quest for an authenticity that feels great even if it looks weird. With a healthy dose of humor.


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